Mrs. P Reads to Me

So..... why do I like reading?  Because I love information and I like to know about different people, places and things that happen. I love stories that will take me far away and tell me about different cultures or interesting events. You can lose yourself in between the covers of a book. And you can learn about yourself, things that are happening to people your own age. There's nothing more fun than talking to an interesting person and how does a person get that way? By experiencing things and reading about them as well.

The reason I love reading to kids? Because I want them to know how the voices sound, how the use of punctuation can make things very different and how the words should sound. I want them to be able to close their eyes and be able to see the events or places described. Reading is very personal and it encourages imagination and creative thought. 

That's why I want to read and I want you to, too!

Mrs. P

Mrs. P


Reading aloud to a child is the foundation for literacy development. It provides children with a demonstration of phrased, fluent reading. It develops the listener's interest in books and desire to be a reader. Listening to others read develops key understanding and skills. Children can listen on a higher language level than they can read, so reading aloud makes complex ideas more accessible and exposes children to vocabulary and language patterns that are not part of everyday speech. To learn more about the benefits of reading aloud to children visit this website.